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berkley mining colocation Where and how to store cryptocurrency? Before answering such a popular and painful question “Where is it better to store cryptocurrency safely?”, I must say that the currency, in principle, is not stored physically in your pocket, but in the blockchain. It is a system of millions of computers around the world where data is stored that is completely secure. Therefore, this issue rather involves the choice of software that would be convenient to watch the balance, transactions and manage the account. The most valuable are personal data passwords, keys and passphrases from the software that you use. In fact, it is these data that are to be stored by which you enter the wallet. But, in spite of this truth, many still use the expression “keep cryptocurrency”, and therefore, let’s take a closer look at this issue in the understanding of an ordinary layman. Where and how to store cryptocurrency? So, how to safely store cryptocurrency? The best mec

Image What is decentralization for cryptocurrency platforms? The main essence of the decentralized blockchain technology is the lack of control over the system of one person or group of people. In decentralization lies the main advantage of the blockchain over the banking or any other financial system that currently exists. The decentralization itself is ensured by the fact that the participants of the system themselves serve it, without involving intermediary organizations. If the user wants to send the cryptocurrency to another wallet, the transaction must be verified and confirmed by its liquidity from three to six miners. Successful transactions are recorded in a block weighing 1 MB (a chain of such blocks is called a blockchain). Blocks are also interconnected, therefore, any change in at least one of them is possible only by census of all the others. For each block, the miner pool receives its reward in bitcoins or other crypto money, depending on w

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Berkley LLC What is hidden mining? Recently, more and more people are wondering what hidden cryptocurrency mining is, how it happens and what it is for. In short, the essence of this process is the illegal extraction of coins. To earn bitcoin coins through honest mining, people build their own farms and buy expensive computing equipment with high performance. At the same time, the so-called hidden miners do not use their own computing power, but steal it from others. Hidden Bitcoin mining is often disguised as various viruses, for example, trojans. At the same time, they connect to the computer and download data on mining and the already earned cryptocurrency. How is hidden mining going? Hidden mining does not require any financial investments and in order to get Bitcoin coins, it is enough to make sure that when you turn on the PC, a special program will automatically start that helps to mine coins, and the profit will be calculated on the details specified by the atta